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Syrup tour

CHF 80 Per visitor
CHF 80 Per visitor
CHF 320
About the Tour
Visit Lucerne’s syrup alchemist and learn how to produce syrup in an original and tradi-tional way using real big kettles.

Discover and experience the atmosphere of a syrup manufactory. The smells, the tastes, cutting the ingrediencies’ and much more. Did you ever mix syrup with a 1,5-meter-long ladle?

I will teach you and of course you will be able to taste everything!
group_add Group size
4 to 10 Visitors
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4 hours
restore Cancel
This tour can be cancelled free of charge up to 24 hours before the start.
wb_sunny Nice weather
  • When you produce sirup the sun will be shining inside
  • water proofed shoes are a clear advantage
check_box Included
Sirup tasting, a bottle of syrup take away
check_box Suitable for...
Friends of good taste
flash_on Bad weather
  • Even better, because we will be producing inside
  • water proofed shoes are a clear advantage
indeterminate_check_box Exluded
Secret recipes
indeterminate_check_box Not suitable for...
accessibility Für Sirup Matrosen
check_circle Für die coolsten Dudes & Düdetten
credit_card Incl. all tickets
accessible For wheelchair users
directions_run Without queuing
cloud_circle All-weather program
supervised_user_circle For company teambuilding
work For business people
language For tourists
spa For Vegetarians
mood For people without hair
For Vegans
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