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eTuk chicken wings tour

CHF 90 Per visitor
CHF 90 Per visitor
CHF 90
About the Tour
Enjoy a ride on the electrical tuktuk with the best chicken wings in town. Your local guide will tell you unique stories and show you the hidden gems of the city.
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1 to 4 Visitors
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1.5 hours
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This tour can be cancelled free of charge up to 24 hours before the start.
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  • 90 Minuten Tour
  • persönlicher Guide
  • feine Pouletchnusperli vom Bistro
  • Pommes
  • Salat
  • eine Flasche Weisswein
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accessibility BistroLuzernLiebhaber
stars CurrySaucenSchlecker
check_circle Leute mit Zähnen
credit_card Incl. all tickets
directions_run Without queuing
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favorite Tour created with love
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Europaplatz 1, Luzern Ecke KKL, Seebar, bei Pier 6


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