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Band rehearsal with beer

CHF 20 Per visitor
CHF 20 Per visitor
CHF 20
About the Tour
In 10 minutes you can reach Hergiswil by train from Lucerne. From the train station it is about 400 meters, that is 2 minutes to the location of our band rehearsal. There you will find a special bar and our band rehearsal room. At the moment we play every Wednesday, from March on every Monday from 20 o'clock until about 24 o'clock. During this time you can listen to us, linger at the bar, play table football and chat with us. You can stay as long as you like.
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The Bend live

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  • playing in a band
  • table football
  • drinking beer
We have a special place; you can listen to our rehersal; you can play table football; you can drink beer at the bar; you can talk to the bartender (owner) about everything