Who is behind it?

VisitLovers broadens your horizons and offers regional experiences.

Behind each experience is a guide who will personally show you something new.


Our story

The Co-Founders are all members of the Young Chamber of Commerce Lucerne. One of them, Silvan, wanted to organize a new, personal tour for friends in Porto - away from the big tourist streams. He has discovered a new platform. Long story short - the tour was a flop and he said we could do better. That's how VisitLovers came into being and we can say with a clear conscience - yes, we can do better :)

Andreas Gassmann CEO VisitLovers


My name is Andreas Gassmann and I am the managing director of the online platform VisitLovers.

I find the approach of VisitLovers, that everybody can directly participate in the tourism as a guide, fascinating. In my opinion this is the essence of social, ecological, personal and sustainable tourism.

Fun Fact

I am often asked: "VisitLovers – is this something "objectionable?" My answer: "Sure, if you want to understand FoodPorn as having sex with vegetables – everybody hears what he wants to hear, right?

Best experience with VisitLovers

My wife and son offer a chapati tour on VisitLovers. It is so nice to see how the guests learn something and new stories are created. Two visitors were so enthusiastic that they sent us a package of Obwalden specialties after the tour.

To be overwelmed with so much love is just unbelievable :)

You have a question about a tour or would like to become a guide. Write me or just give me a call:



Phone number

079 795 72 66

Board of Directors

Florian Bächler (VRP), Consulting

Silvan Kaeser, marketing and advertising

Stefan Erzinger, Finance and Strategy

Lars Dubach, law and partnership

Mark Imhof, networking and lobbying

Urs Rindlisbacher, Accounting and Trust

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